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          Construction points of rock wool board

          Release time:2018-09-18 16:12:52

          Rockwool exterior insulation system

          1 Before construction, the needle should be prepared according to the design and the requirements of this regulation and related technical standards.
          Special construction plan for energy-saving insulation of engineering projects, and technical staff should be provided with technical delivery and professional technical training.
          2 The construction of the rock wool off-board thermal insulation system for energy-saving thermal insulation project shall be carried out in accordance with the approved construction drawing design documents and the approved energy-saving thermal insulation special construction plan for the project.
          3 The production enterprises of rock wool off-board insulation system should have on-site guidance during the construction process, and cooperate with the construction unit and site supervision to do construction quality control work.
          4 Materials entering the site must be inspected according to specifications, quantity and quality requirements before they can be put into storage, and should be kept by special personnel. It is strictly prohibited to stack in the open air. The curtain wall rock wool board should be stacked and protected from moisture.
          5 Construction should have the following conditions:
          5.1 The base wall and its cement mortar screed treatment and installation of the embedded parts are completed.
          5.2 The necessary construction machinery and protective equipment should be prepared.
          5.3 Construction-specific scaffolding shall be erected securely and qualified for safety inspection. The distance between the scaffolding pole and the horizontal pole and the wall and the corner of the wall should meet the construction requirements.
          5.4 The base wall shall be solid and flat, the surface shall be dry, and there shall be no cracking, hollowing, loosening or pan-alkali. The bonding strength, flatness and verticality of the cement mortar leveling layer shall be in accordance with (Quality Acceptance Specification for Building Decoration Engineering) GB50210 The requirements for the quality of ordinary plastering works.
          6 During the construction of the outer wall insulation of rock wool board, the construction of the base layer and the construction environment temperature below 5 °C shall not be allowed. It is not allowed to be constructed in windy weather and rain or snow in the fifth or higher level. During construction and after construction, effective measures should be taken to prevent rainwater scouring and sun exposure, and protective layers should be made in time. If there is sudden rain during construction, measures should be taken to prevent rainwater from scouring the wall; winter construction should be carried out in accordance with relevant standards.
          7 Before the construction of a large area, the same materials, construction methods and techniques shall be used on the site to make the sample wall, and the construction may be carried out after confirmation by the relevant parties.
          8 When using rock wool board construction, the operators should wear protective equipment, do occupational health protection, and pay attention to construction safety.
          9 Rock wool board insulation system related materials must be sent to a qualified testing agency for testing, qualified to use.
          The sticking of 10 rock wool board should adopt the strip sticking method or the point sticking method, and the rubber coating area should not be less than 50%. After the rock wool board has finished the adhesive, the lower end of the thermal insulation board should be pasted with the base layer. The rock wool board should be laid horizontally from the bottom to the top in the horizontal direction, and the side seam should be anchored. The joint should be naturally tight and the gap between the boards should be It shall not be more than 2mm. If the seam width is 2mm, it shall be filled with insulation material. The adjacent plates shall be flush and the height difference between the plates shall not exceed 1.5mm.
          11 All the through-wall pipelines and components that pass through the rock wool board are sealed and sealed with the same material for waterproof sealing treatment.
          12 If the veneer layer is found to fall off during the construction process, it should be bonded in time or anchored by anchors, and the exterior finish layer construction should be carried out in time.
          13 surface layer construction should meet the following requirements:
          13.1 After the rock wool board is pasted, the plaster surface of the board should be surface treated, and the entire surface should be scraped with a stainless steel spatula (thickness 1~1.5mm) and pressed into the surface fiber of the rock wool board.
          13.2 The surface glue should be configured in strict accordance with the product manual. The configured adhesive should avoid direct sunlight and should be used up within 2 hours.
          13.3 The surface layer is layered in two layers. The thickness of the first layer of plastering glue is 2~3mm. It should be plastered with stainless steel serrated trowel, then smoothed with a large spatula, and pressed into the fiberglass mesh when the glue is slightly dry until it can be touched. Install the anchor, seal the anchor plastic disc and its periphery with the plastering glue; the first layer of the plaster is slightly dry to carry out the second layer of plastering, the thickness is about 2mm, smooth and the thickness of the plaster layer is reached. Design requirements.
          13.4 The laying of the mesh cloth should be smoothed and straightened, and the squareness and verticality of the yin and yang angle should be maintained. The upper and lower sides of the mesh cloth should be overlapped, and the overlap width should not be less than 100mm; the fiberglass mesh should not be allowed. It should be laid directly on the surface of the rock wool board, and it should not be exposed.
          13.5 The installation of anchors shall be drilled with impact drill or electric hammer according to the position required by the design. The drilling depth shall be greater than the anchoring depth of 10 mm. When installing, the anchoring nails shall be knocked into or screwed into the wall, and the disc shall be close to the first layer. Grid cloth, and cover the disc and its surroundings with plastering glue in time.


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